PNW Virtual is an SEO service provider for small business owners, web designers, and developers.

Optimizing On-Page SEO for websites and boost your business.

I have been working with businesses and website designers in the online marketing space since 2016 years. My dedication to SEO is constantly learning and staying in the know of the latest algorithm updates. The SEO world changes rapidly; you need a professional who keeps up on the changes and knows how to apply them to your website!

  • I keep up to date on the current algorithms.
  • I perform site audits using the top tools in the industry.
  • I provide a complete write-up of audit finds and how to fix them, including proven traffic boosting recommendations for moving forward.
  • On-page optimization – keyword focused page optimization.


PNW Virtual core values

  • Trust: Know that I do my research and I stand by my work and knowledge of SEO. 
  • Transparency: I provide documentation of my work for your future website work. 
  • Dedication: I spend many hours on each site, continual learning, and understanding search. I will work until the final index and site write-up. My heart is in it.
  • Quality: I pride myself on providing complete, relevant, and quality deliverables to my clients.
  • Respect: I respect that every business is unique. Every business operates differently. I work independently. I value and respect your work and your TIME!

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ClickMinded Certification

ClickMinded keeps its content up to date, giving me the confidence to know how to better help clients. Confidence that I will know how to navigate the latest algorithm update or social media changes. I have support in order to support clients. Some SEO experts laugh at an SEO certification in the industry. I personally see an accredited SEO certification as a badge of honor with my countless hours of study and a program that stays current with standards.

I take my years of experience working with online businesses and hours of continual learning, plus personal certification, and I bring that expertise to you. Not only am I ClickMinded certified, I am also a Stupid Simple SEO student.

certificate ClickMinded SEO Specialist
certificate ClickMinded Social Media Manager

Client Review

Cheryl is a dream of a virtual assistant. She’s a lifelong learner (by choice), which keeps her on the cutting edge. As an employee, Cheryl is friendly, reliable, responsible, and punctual. I can count on her to deliver anything I need within the timeframe I require, and she has a way of really KNOWING my brand (and thus, can often anticipate my needs).

What I appreciate most about Cheryl is how much she cares. She wants to “do right by” her employer and she takes the time and effort to really understand my business. I feel completely comfortable turning over certain elements of my social media to Cheryl. What a relief! When I look through the posts she has created and/or scheduled for me, I think to myself, “Wow! She nailed it for my FemFusion Fitness site!”

Dr. Brianne Grogan DPT

Doctor of Physical Therapy, Certified Women's Health and Nutritional Coach, FemFusion Fitness