PNW Virtual is an SEO and Facebook Ad service provider for web designers and developers.


Optimizing SEO for site launch and Facebook Ads to boost business.

I help creative entrepreneurs and web designers with technical SEO optimization for site launch.

I started with online marketing in 2016 as a VA. Quickly starting to work with clients running Facebook ads and learning SEO. I invested time into understanding search and targeting. 


technical SEO specialist laptop

I focus on the SEO details; you focus on design.

I work remotely with clients and on teams across the world. I have a passion for SEO optimization and keyword research. I have been working with SEO experts several years now with client, agency, and corporate team settings.

Certified in both SEO and Marketing Strategy in addition to my years of client work gives me a unique experience to obtain the best overall goal for business growth and success.

I specialize in:

  • WordPress
  • Divi
  • Facebook Ad Strategy
  • Facebook Organic Growth
  • Keyword Research
  • On-page and Technical Optimization
  • Local SEO
  • YouTube SEO
  • YouTube Content and Growth Strategy

I keep up with current best practices and I am always learning in the ever-changing industry.

ClickMinded Certification

ClickMinded keeps its content up to date, giving me the confidence to know how to better help clients. Confidence that I will know how to navigate the latest algorithm update or social media changes. I have support in order to support clients. Some SEO experts laugh at an SEO certification in the industry. I personally see an accredited SEO certification as a badge of honor with my countless hours of study and a program that stays current with standards.

I take my years of experience working with online businesses and hours of continual learning, plus personal certification, and I bring that expertise to you. Not only am I ClickMinded certified, I am also a Stupid Simple SEO student.

Event Planner certification Cheryl Declercque

My Favorite Tools

Here are two tools I absolutely love. Check them out! 

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Did you know that I am skilled in ConvertKit? If you are interetsed in getting skilled up with ConvertKit. Click the button to get all the details! 

Keyword Finder

Keyword research is where I start with every client site. Finding keywords is easy to do with my favorite tool! Check out Keyword Finder (click the button)!