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PNWvirtual Team:

I am Cheryl, Marketing Assistant in the Pacific Northwest. Find me searching in the firs and the ferns. Understanding searcher intent and studying keywords is my jam. Social marketing strategy is what I spend my time thinking about. Let’s link up. I specialize in WordPress, SEO, Email marketing, and YouTube marketing.

Samantha, Marketing Assistant in Alaska. Samantha is an expert at email marketing, Facebook Ad campaigns, and WordPress. She has a technical mind and is resourceful.  Sam and I have been working in the digital space together for some time now. Our training overlaps and our client base does too. 

SEO Expert, John, is brilliant at all things, especially technical and on-page SEO. He can build an outreach campaign at all levels of marketing. John and I have been working together for several years at the agency and corporate level. 

Years of experience working with online businesses and hours of continual learning, plus personal certification.

ClickMinded keeps their content up to date, giving me the confidence to know how to better help clients. Confidence that I will know how to navigate the latest algorithm update or the social media changes. I have support in order to support clients. 

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 Why are you struggling with traffic?

– Your site hasn’t been optimized in up to date best practices?

– Is your focus on content relevancy and correct site mapping?

– Limited knowledge of search funnels and searcher intent?

– Your content needs a refresh?

– Limited local SEO knowledge?

Knowing SEO and keeping up to date can be overwhelming. A quick call can help you feel supported and pointed in the right direction.


Check the site for issues and fix any broken links or redirects. 


Easy SOPs to help you and your team implement tasks quickly.


Continued access to support.

Helping clients reach their goals, increase subscribers, and expanded their reach. Focusing on SEO and social media marketing. 

Cheryl is a dream of a virtual assistant. She’s a lifelong learner (by choice), which keeps her on the cutting edge. As an employee, Cheryl is friendly, reliable, responsible, and punctual. I can count on her to deliver anything I need within the timeframe I require, and she has a way of really KNOWING my brand (and thus, can often anticipate my needs).

What I appreciate most about Cheryl is how much she cares. She wants to “do right by” her employer and she takes the time and effort to really understand my business. I feel completely comfortable turning over certain elements of my social media to Cheryl. What a relief! When I look through the posts she has created and/or scheduled for me, I think to myself, “Wow! She nailed it!”

Dr. Brianne Grogan DPT

Doctor of physical therapy, certified women's health and nutritional coach, FemFusion Fitness

Cheryl is absolutely fantastic! Seriously I could not have asked for a better VA to support me as I grow my online business. She makes life easier for me as a business owner and frees up my time so I can do more of what I love. She goes above and beyond to provide the best service. I cannot recommend her enough!

Chrissy Marquardt

Branding strategest, web designer, WebSpyred Media

Do you have a dream? Do you have that one miracle idea that you believe will make a difference in your life and not just yours, but the lives of others as well? Are doing every single thing you can think of to bring awareness to your miracle idea?

Well, I believe you, because I’ve been writing a blog for almost 4 years and I was at a stagnate # of followers for the first 3 years until I got a private message one day. Cheryl reached out to me asking if I might be interested in having some assistance with my blog. I didn’t understand at first, “What’s a virtual assistant?” Cheryl began telling me about it.

WOW! Having Cheryl on my team helping me with a newsletter, a sign up form, and social media postings is only part of the amazing service she’s provided for me. Her enthusiasm and support is amazing. I feel like I have a partner in my mission. A partner who believes in me and wants to raise awareness for my passion as much as I do. Angel Zamudio

Blog/Business Owner, Apozitude

Cheryl is the silent angel that makes everything perfect with no extra needed help! You give her the task and it’s so done!! Always touching base to make sure I proofread anything before it’s sent out! Following up on Facebook communication when I am strapped at the sale! Love this woman with all my heart!

Dana Houtters

Owner, BBD Sale

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